Final Project – ‘utopia’ Website

Utopia Screenshot
Another aspect of my ‘Utopia & Dystopia’ final extended project at university, this was a 3½ minute video created to demonstrate a website concept.

Everyone’s idea of a perfect world is different, and this makes any particular conception of utopia impossible to enact. The website – ‘utopia’ – embraces that individuality. It would essentially be an aggregator of news and socio-political debate from reputable sources like the UN, EU, House of Commons, BBC etc. The site would implement a ‘learning’ algorithm, which gradually comes to know the sorts of articles you react positively to, and which you dislike. In this way it builds up a picture of your personal worldview, and begins to show you only stories that you’d be interested in, good or bad.

This quickly creates something that can show you at a glance how good or bad the world is from your personal point of view, allowing you to see how well the real world fits your idea of utopia.

Full video below: