D&AD – L’Artisan Parfumeur

D&AD 2013 Entry

This was a group outcome for a 2013 D&AD competition brief set by Parisian luxury perfume brand L’Artisan Parfumeur, which has been nominated to win a D&AD Student Yellow Pencil Award. For this brief I worked with two of my good friends; Chris Stevens and Ellis Devonshire-Kelly.

The brief was to design packaging and bottles for an innovative new range of perfumes inspired by four very different emotions.

Our solution was based on the idea of a droplet of emotion. The perfumes, held in glass spheres, ‘fall through’ the packaging, creating 4 different ripple-like distortions. Together with the bright accent colours, these ripples hint at each emotion and differentiate the otherwise simple, elegant black boxes. The droplets of perfume then come to rest in the curved interior of the box, which is designed to resemble the displacement of water’s surface the moment after an impact.

During this project, one of my major roles was the creation of all the 3D visualisation renders, due to my previous experience with Maya. I also had a strong influence in the development of our concept, as well as the presentation of our final submission images.

More Images:
D&AD Entry - 4 Bottles in a row