About Me


I’m Mike Curley, and I’m a graduate and freelance designer looking for work – recently graduated with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from the Arts University at Bournemouth (AUB).

I like working across a broad range of design disciplines, in both print and screen, and I would say that my level of technical knowledge is quite high. My work so far has spanned web design, magazine layout, packaging, branding, book design (and other print), and moving image. I love trying new things in design, so I’m always open to different kinds of work.

You can see some of the things I’ve done so far on this website. Please check it out, and hopefully you’ll like what you see.

If you do, then don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d be happy to have a chat.


Experienced With . . .

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe InDesign CS6
Autodesk Maya
Adobe After Effects CS6
Microsoft Office

Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
PC and Mac OS


Technology, Design, Books, Physics, Sci-Fi,
Photography, Typography, Gaming, Driving